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Accessible British Columbia Act: As of June 2021, the Accessible British Columbia Act (the “Act”) is law in British Columbia. The Act's intent is to make the province more inclusive, including for persons with disabilities. Effective September 1, 2022, over 750 public sector organizations will be required to establish an accessibility committee, an accessibility plan and a build tool to receive feedback on their accessibility.

Accessible British Columbia Regulation, BC Reg 105/2022

Human Rights Code: British Columbia's Human Rights Code

BC Human Rights Tribunal: Where you file Human Rights complaints in BC

Changing Places - Transforming Lives

Human Rights Cases of Interest

Maria Kovaacs vs City of Maple Ridge: August 30, 2022. Ms. Kovacs is blind. She claims that the City constructed roundabouts and bike lanes that limit her ability to safely walk around her neighbourhood and access public transit. She alleges that this amounts to discrimination on the basis of a disability, contrary to s. 8 of the Human Rights Code.

Quesnal v. London Educational Health Centre, Board of Inquiry, March 1995 BOI 95-012: Ms Quesnal was unable to access a build where her medical treatment was scheduled.

ADA class actions allege websites inaccessible to blind, visually impaired consumers: A number of complaints claiming Americans with Disabilities Act violations have been filed recently against companies such as Whole Foods, HelloFresh, Dell and Mrs. Fields, among others. 

Sacramento faces class-action disability lawsuit over homeless camps blocking sidewalks: Two disabled residents sued the city and county of Sacramento last week, alleging they have violated accessibility laws by failing to keep sidewalks clear from homeless encampments.

ACLU and Disability Rights Group File Class-Action Lawsuit Against Los Angeles County Transit Authority Over Poor Service to People with Disabilities: he ACLU and Western Law Center charged MTA and Access with violating the Americans with Disabilities Act and other federal and state laws, by failing to provide comparable “paratransit” transportation services to people with disabilities.

DC Faces Disability Suit Over Bike Lanes: Lawsuit Charges Bike Lanes Violate ADA Rights. Read the court case.

Helpful Websites

Americans with Disability Act: Disability rights are civil rights. From voting to parking, the ADA is a law that protects people with disabilities in many areas of public life.

Seven Principles of Universal Design: The purpose of the Principles is to guide the design of environments, products and communications.

US Department of Justice: Disability Rights Cases

Articles & Research Papers

Pandemic traffic changes in Stanley Park were discriminatory, group alleges in human rights complaint. Vancouver BC

'Infringement of my rights': Man with MS speaks out about Stanley Park traffic changes. Vancouver BC

Transportation Patterns and Problems of People with Disabilities: All evidence suggests that transportation is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for the full access and mobility of travelers with disabilities.

Active Exclusion: Too often the concept “active transportation” produces environments that are not fully accessible. The history of Roosevelt Island, named for a disabled president who used a wheelchair, offers lessons at once troubling and hopeful. March 2021

The ‘15-Minute City’ Isn’t Made for Disabled Bodies: By prioritizing speed and efficiency over accessibility, the popular urban planning model neglects the mobility needs of those who can’t afford to live in dense neighbourhoods. April 2021

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