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Invitation to Mock Trial

The Canadian Federation of the Blind, a not-for-profit volunteer organization, who's head office is in Victoria, will be hosting a mock trial of the B.C. Public Safety Minister Monday, March 20th, 2023 at 9:30 AM at the floating bus stop on Pandora St. between Blanchard and Douglas streets.

The British Columbia Public Safety Minister, Solicitor General and their cabinet colleagues are "charged with" dereliction of duty over the unnecessary endangerment of blind transit users' right to public safety. 

Discriminatory bus stops are not the first time politicians have failed to protect blind people's legal right to public access as evidenced by the BC Human Rights Tribunal's publicly posted case law history

Media and local residents are invited to witness this scrutiny of our elected officials who remain free from accountability to vulnerable citizen's right of safe and unimpeded public access.

Please set aside a half hour to learn more about blind peoples' safety. 

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